the processes to work I used this year to produce my upcoming releases explained here

Thanks to Andrew Pekler.


photo: Brais Gen, Berlin 2014


es otro, eso otro, the insistence of my spanish teacher made the subject of this song.

And this is part of a new EP to be released on 27th of october on Other People

cuerpo sin
pasado qué contar
deja sea uno el que le da
una continuidad
otro simple
otro que
por ahí va
sin decir
soy (¡no puede ser!) esotro.

guérisseurs de vent

cortesy of Frau Collin.


algo muy sutil ha pasado

es como si la realidad

estuviera torcida o quizás,

alguien como ud,

ud, ¿quién si no?

lentamente la hubiera ladeado

o quizas peor

conscientemente la hubiera torcido así no mas

ay dígame, ¡dígame!

si ha notado cómo voy deslizándome


hay un borde aquí, ¿o?

(photo: Charlotte Collin, Rome 2014)

"Or was I? It didn’t matter. It doesn’t, with fantasies. They exist only for their elasticity, their ability to instantly incorporate any new character, image or idea - or, as in dreams, to which they bear so close a relationship - to contain conflicting ideas simultaneously. They expand, heighten, distort or exaggerate reality, taking one further, faster in the direction in which the unashamed unconscious already knows it wants to go. They present the astonished self with the incredible, the opportunity to entertain the impossible"

extract from “My secret garden” of Nancy Friday.

Anders Als du Und Ich


The loudspeaker is a dragon

Borxa plays the trautonium

let’s build träumtoniums

perhaps too late.

Y sí

día importante hoy, de esos en los que resuelve uno todo un disco.




I’m building this sample of multilayered AH’s and OH’s from people all over the world, if you wish to contribute to it please download this zip file. It contains a short txt with instructions and recorded examples. It will take less than 5 minutes to record.

You don’t need to be a professional singer, just to be able to sing an AH and an OH in certain pitches, sustained for a short amount of time and send it back to me (detailed instructions on the file)

In return I will send you back the final sample with all the samples I collect.



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